Sunday, October 31, 2004

No Pressure

From Josh Marshall:

A simple point: This election is going to be won or lost on the ground, with organization and turnout. If you're part of the GOTV effort, on either side, this is in your hands.


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cd said...

No Pressure


On : 10/31/2004 11:41:45 AM Jared Gordon (www) said:

Even in Left Behind California, GOTV is THE focus in our contested local races. This has turned out to be a huge weight on me, as I volunteered months ago to be one of the senior county GOTV people for BC04, before I realized what I was doing. After 12 hours at HQ yesterday, I was starting to doubt this choice.

Something in hour 13 made me change my mind. We had gotten a call earlier in the day from a house-bound older woman who wanted some yard signs for her and her neighbors. She couldn't come get them, and she could barely even explain where she lived. But we got her address, and I volunteered to drop them off for her.

After an hour of searching around for her house in the dark (I really need to buy a GPS system in my next car), I finally found it. This frail woman was so touched she came out of her house to meet me in the street and thank me.

Before that, I had really thought GOTV was about winning for my candidates. And that is still why campaigns organize it. But I am not sure that's what it really is about. I think it's about helping people to vote, and about bringing the campaign to them, in the most personal way you can. In this age of technology and niche-casting, it is a wondrous thing to know that the best strategy we have to win the election (for either side), is still face to face contact with as many voters and neighbors as we can.

Tip O'Neal used to say "All politics is local." Yesterday, I was reminded that for GOTV, things are even closer than that. I discovered that all politics are personal.


On : 10/31/2004 7:18:09 PM cd (www) said:

With your sense of direction, I'm amazed you found her at all ;)