Monday, October 11, 2004

More Memo Madness

So this time, an ABCer wrote a memo about there being no need to hold both sides equally accountable for campaign distortions, etc.

And I understand the handwringing and the liberal-media-biasing and the rest. But I can't help but think, you know what, he's kinda right.

No, stick with me, I'm still kool-aid free - but, really, the maliciousness with which the Right pursue victory is breathtaking. (You California readers have NO IDEA, trust me.) Is all spin created equal? Hell no. There are some (sad) days when I wish we'd hit back like they hit. We won't, because despite what some wacky "dems" and Nader types say, we do have a teensy bit of our souls left.

But underlying the Halperin memo is the increasingly noted tendency of mainstream media not to report or to achieve actual balance, but to simply hold the mic in front of each candidates' attack dog for the requisite amount of time and in a fit of trumped up let-the-viewer-decide-ness. Is Halperin biased, pro-Kerry, and activist in his advice? Maybe. Probably, even. But that doesn't negate the truth of the situation - that it's possible, nay, probable, that one side may be wronger here.

Halperin's please-catch-me memo hurts the fight for now, because it draws attention from the base problem (lies, distortions, out and out crazy talk) and back onto process (lib media nutsos and who did or did not call whom a "liar" and when).

So as with so many other almost developed stories in the course of this campaign - the real meat of this flap will remain undigested.

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