Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Iraqi Car Bombs as In-Kinds to Kerry Campaign

And this passes for rational thought? Josh Marshall posts Sinclair's Mark Hyman from CNN this morning as he argues that if Sinclair's media event is an in-kind to Bush then Iraqi car bombs are in-kinds to Kerry.

How bad might this be if allowed to go through? Where are Sinclairs markets? No place important, unless you count Nevada, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconnsin, Maine, Virginia, and - yes - West Virginia's own population core of Charleston-Huntington.

Josh also has a post on how to call these stations and threaten them. For my Capitol readers, channel 13 in Sacto is a Sinclair station. Hit the Phones.

Or if you want to help me out, hit these phones - the national advertisers (the site doesn't have a list of Charleston specific advertisers yet).

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