Friday, October 29, 2004

In the Case of the Missing Explosives, Timing is Everything

In the case of the missing explosives, it seems, timing is everything. In today's NYT, an article about video taken after the fall, showing G.I.s in the weapons cache. Uh-oh. That would significantly change the Bush team's defensive lines about not knowing exactly when the explosives went missing. The article details the images capture and expert evaluation of the footage with shots of areas confirmed as Al-Qaqaa. I'm sure the push back will be of the "yeah, but you can't be sure" variety.

Of note, the Pentagon's efforts to ease the initial reports of the missing material:
The Pentagon also notes that it has destroyed 400,000 tons of munitions from thousands of sites across Iraq, and that the explosives at Al Qaqaa account for "one-tenth of 1 percent" of that amount.
I suppose this is somehow supposed to make us feel better. Such a teensy weensy amount is missing. I mean, come on, think about all the weapons we HAVE destroyed. But there was something about percentages. What was that again? Oh yeah:

The best way to defend America in this world we live in is to stay on the offense. We got to be right 100 percent of the time here at home, and they got to be right once. And that's the reality.
Well, Mr. President, when you insist, repeatedly, (and that's just 2, google around for more items to refresh your memory) that we have to bat 1000, you can't really have your people tout 99.9 as a success . . . .


cd said...

In the Case of the Missing Explosives, Timing is Everything


On : 10/31/2004 5:11:13 PM bethany (www) said:

Just a note to remind you all that Minnesota is the center of the universe:

The news station that has teh troops busting through the seal into the cave full of HMX? KSTP of Saint Paul Minnesota. Channel 5 tells GWB what's up. I LUV this.

It's just soooo entertaining to watch these guys come up with lies about their LIES. They weren't there! No wait maybe they were! Is that what a real FLIP FLOP sounds like?

Unknown said...

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