Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fumbling for the Switch

Phoblog's officemate asks THE question of the 2004 campaign for Democrats:

What do we have to do to get people to bridge the gap between badly wanting John Kerry to win (or George Bush to lose) and actually doing something toward that end?

As he correctly says, it's huge belief and small action. Not even a huge action. It takes so little to change so much.

At least here, in my county, there are union people working 12 hour shifts for a week straight who legitimately lack time right now. They are, of course, those cared about least by the Bush administration. But it's the other folks - the students, the young people, the ones with regular workday jobs, the teachers - it's their absence that is perhaps the most disheartening.

Just a few hours from each Democrat who claims to back Kerry 100% would put this election to bed in a matter of days.

I guess it's like weight loss or kicking an addiction - I can't necessarily force them to flip that switch. The best I can hope for is to lead by example.

But, for the record, it's go time. The house, as JS says, is on fire and burning down around us. For the love of God and country, do something.

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