Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Final Debate Reax

1.) What is it with Bush/Cheney and their constant "Jobs? Well, how about education" tactics?

2.) Bush made some mumbled joke about citing newspapers - I'll have to check the transcripts to see what that was about. He sucks at humor higher than playground-level.

3.) Questions sucked. Faith? Wives? Are people born gay? I didn't like 'em.

4.) On behalf of West Virginia FOs, thank you, Senator Kerry, for your answer on guns.

5.) Did any CMCer besides me think, when Kerry started listing his mother's advice to him, fill in "commitment" and "achievement" after "integrity?"

6.) Bush does get a bit of credit by "asking for your vote" at the end. It's campaigning 101, but still important.

7.) Bush's scramble to reclaim John McCain after Kerry's second (3d?) time name-dropping him was fun to watch ("John McCain is for me for President!")

8.) Number one line of found humor - Bush saying the ports are "much better protected today than when I was the governor of Texas." How Daily-Show-Governor-Bush-v.-President-Bush-Debate-esque. Runner up: Bush's "gosh I sure hope it's not the administration."

9.) Number one intentionally funny line: Kerry's regarding the Sopranos. Runner-up: Kerry regarding how far up he married.

10.) Your word of the day is litany.

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cd said...

Final Debate Reax


On : 10/14/2004 11:32:37 AM SteveK (www) said:

Yes, I thought integrity, commitment, achievement. Then I realized it was Kerry speaking and forgot about it.


On : 10/14/2004 1:30:03 PM cd (www) said:

See now, SK, that's why we miss having you around . . . .

I disagree, but I always applaud wit.