Thursday, October 14, 2004

Enough to Make You Sea Sick

As the frequency of polling increases, the colors on this animated electoral map blink like so many Christmas lights.

It's best to focus on one state and track the changes and then start over again. Though, at the end of the cycle, California is a light blue Weak-Kerry, which I gotta think is a margin of error thing . . . . Seriously, I'm out here, don't joke about the hometown going soft.

If you click on a state you go to the source map, where a second click on the state reveals a sort of metagraph of polling data. Check out Ohio Polls for a particularly schizo dance of voter preferences. The West Virginia Polls graph illustrates where we got hit by Bush and related interest lies (Swift Boats, "he'll take your bibles," "he'll take your guns").

The lists Iowa, New Hampshire, and NEW JERSEY as exactly tied. New Jersey? Come on now, folks....

Okay well that's enough of looking at THAT data. It's making me blue while job here is to make my state blue . . . .

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cd said...

Enough to Make You Sea Sick


On : 10/15/2004 11:26:28 AM Fred (www) said:

According to the Wall Street Journal today, Kerry has scaled back in W.V. and cancelled a visit there this weekend. That sucks but keep fighting the good fight.