Monday, October 18, 2004


It's funny. While I skipped off to West Virginia and settled in not at all missing much of anything in SF (except my friends and readers, of course), I got to Philadelphia this afternoon and immediately got a little homesick for the comforting vastness and quiet of the Mountain State. And while most of my West Virginia friends asked constantly about culture shock, I hadn't really felt any until I pulled into downtown Philly this afternoon. People! Restaurants! Diversity! The Banana Republic!!! It was too much. Philly looks like a fantastic city - but one that won't get explored until November 4 at at the earliest.

I haven't read the papers today, haven't seen the lates polls, don't know my way around anywhere, don't know much of anything right now, including what, exactly, my role here will be. I think my low point was arriving here, walking in, having a girl ask me for my resume, and being so highway-hypnotized and out of it, I just gave her a puzzled look and pointed to the back of my KE'04 staff sweatshirt and said, "I'm staff." Fabulous first impression, I'm sure.

And if I thought there wasn't much time to learn the ropes in WV when we were 32 days out . . . . The organization here is just massive, compared to WV (though our organization, organizationally speaking, was and is absolutely top notch) - and when I talk about WV, I still say "we."

It's 11:25pm here, I'm still at the office (my office? an office?) and I woke up at 6 am and drove the whole day - so I'm damn near walking into walls. The buzz here is good, which makes me feel better about the whole thing. But oddly enough, this leap was scarier than the one from California out - kinda counterintuitive.

Stay tuned - we'll see what happens . . . .

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