Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Chapter 19 - in which Phoblog loses it

First full day in Philly, what fun. Phoblog finally (enough with the "f"s already) has a job - and if I could describe it to you accurately, I would. It's vastly different from my WV duties, but this state is vastly different as well.

The day started, however, with my already damaged LG-6000 phone falling onto a carpeted floor from about 18 inches up and splitting into two pieces. So I did what anyone would do. I lost it. I cried.

No, not really, Phoblog doesn't cry as a general rule. But I came damn close. There, locked within the now faceless phone body were all my phone numbers, my connection to the world, and photos 14 and 15 in the cd-and-ggd photo series. Long story short - there was a nearby Verizon store and I'm now the proud yet pissed off owner of a new Samsung (not in the budget at all) - my phone book was transfered, but all other data and photos are lost. Or just locked in the LG body. (if there's a geek out there who can help with that - please let me know.)

These are the most boring posts ever, dear readers. But understand that, a) they kinda keep me sane, b) the help me not have to call home as often as I should/would like to by letting my parents know I'm alive, and c) as of yet, no helpful soul has forwarded this site address to the whole office, so, as stupid as it sounds, it's at least a bit of a my-secret-life thing. The state effort here is massive. It's about 4x (or maybe, more accurately, to the 4th power) larger than WV. And now, less than two weeks out, there's not as much time for inspirational blog posts to be circulated around. It's just go time. Which is great.

I wonder what's going on in the rest of the world . . . . I'd give a lot for some time with the papers.

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cd said...

Chapter 19 - in which Phoblog loses it


On : 10/20/2004 12:01:14 AM Catherine Hazelton (www) said:

Don't cry, Christiana -- you inspire the masses! After downloading the Country Roads MP3 and giving it a few listens I decided I needed to spend more time in Nevada. So in addition to the 3 days I am putting in this weekend (with 15 friends from the policy school!) I am heading back to Reno for four days of GOTV. I've even convinced some friends who've never spent an hour on a campaign to join me -- using your story as inspiration all along. You keep us motivated. You are the spirit of American democracy. I'm sorry about the GGD pics but the PJK pics will be 100 times better!!! Hang in there, friend.


On : 10/20/2004 11:20:44 AM Bethany (www) said:

CD - If it's any consolation, I can probably talk to some folks about arranging a new GGD protrait. He's a lot easier to find these days. Plus, I think you have a few checkls here at the house. God bless teh US Postal service.


On : 10/20/2004 7:05:30 PM Amanda (www) said:

CD-I'm totally there with you-every person needs a little mini-breakdown every now and then...I got REALLY upset on Saturday when I ordered a turkey sandwich with no muenster cheese (the type this sandwich came with) and they put on provolone...I didn't want ANY cheese...that was the point...I almost cried.
Hope all is is back to normal...and GGD was SO yesterday...how about a new pic portfolio with JS from TDS...WAY better...I hear he and Tucker Carlson are FUEDING...my money is on Stewart..some people say that we MOTs fight hard and dirty!

Have you had any cream cheese yet?


On : 10/20/2004 9:47:39 PM cd (www) said:

Bet Tucker wishes he lived in a time when he could still challenge a man to a duel. Wait, that was someone else....