Tuesday, October 05, 2004

25x5 - A West Virginia Challenge

For my partisan Democrat readers:

Greetings again from Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

The campaign goes well - it's inspirational to so many people in this state (native and non-native) pulling together to get out the vote. It really is a thing of beauty.

I wanted to issue a challenge to you all - knowing full well how busy you are.

I challenge you to take one hour this week to make 25 calls to West Virginia Democrats who are sporadic voters. Then I challenge you to get 5 friends to do the same.

It's super easy - all you have to do is email me your name (see the link on the side) and I'll send you a simple spreadsheet. Use your cell phone minutes or whatever cheap calling method you have to call - anytime of the day (before it would be ridiculously late out here, if you're a West Coast reader, of course). Enter the results on the spreadsheet and email it back. And you're done. The same process works with your five friends - or you're free to coordinate with them. My advice? Make it a party, or use your drive time when you're carpooling to work, other campaigns, the grocery store, whatever.

I've issued the same challenge to the CYD Board, about 30 people. If they each make 25 calls, and get 5 friends to do the same, that's 4500 West Virginia Democrats that will be reminded why they are vital to this election. And it all gets done in ONE HOUR.

I know you're busy, I know you feel like you don't have an extra hour in the week. But I know you do, if you look for it.

Ask not what West Virginia can do for you (like give you a better president), ask what you can do for West Virginia.

First 3 readers to accept the challenge (and follow through) will get a choice piece of West Virginia "chum" (collectable, e-bayable, tell-the-grandkids-about-it, piece of political paraphernalia). Can't beat that . . . .

It takes so little to affect such change.

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