Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When You Vote Democrat, You Vote with Hitler

Or Osama or Saddam or Satan himself, apparently, according to Vice President Dick "I'm gonna getcha" Cheney.

During a speech today, the Vice President said we face the threat of another terrorist attack if we make the "wrong choice" in the booth.

Excuse me?

No, really, .check out the article. Kerry, Cheney argues, would respond to an attack in a way that's just SO 9/10 - all reaction no pre-emption (take a moment to ponder the temporal ramifications of Cheney's implications).

Meanwhile, Bush accused Kerry of adopting Howard Dean language on the war. Oh, I think he meant it as a slam . . . .

And, proving that the Administration has mastered basic principles of Calculus, they are again focusing on second derivatives rather than, you know, reality. The CBO says this year's federal deficit will hit a record $442 billion dollars (that billion is best pronounced Dr. Evil-y). Cheney praised the Bush tax cuts anyway - saying the deficit isn't as bad as analysts had predicted.

Let's see here: a vote for Kerry is a vote for bloody, terror-filled death; the economy sucks at guiness-like levels but not as bad as we thought it might . . .

Let's throw a parade!

Update: Phoblog's now back-and-blogging friend, the Libertarian Jackass agrees with the need to get tough in the war on carbs and fat, noting:

How many Americans have died in acts of terror? How many hundreds of thousands(or even millions?) die due to addictions to fatty foods? Ladies and gentleman, when the evildoers nearly take down a former American President, that means the threat is imminent.

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