Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Wheels Down

After a blessedly uneventful flight (shout out to the nice folks at JetBlue and my pharmacist), I am safely in Virginia - not yet West, just regular, confederate Virginia.

It's raining here. And let me take a moment to explain the statement that it is "raining" to my California readers. You know, how, like, it rains, and sometimes it rains hard, and everyone yaps about rain? They're all stupid. This here, this is RAIN. Fat, angry, rotund drops plopping everywhere - especially in my unhappy-with-humidity hair and all over the ground leaving me without any wise shoe option. The winds aren't bad - but they are bad enough to have snapped my umbrella inside out already. This could be a long trip . . . . .

Between now and tomorrow morning, I'll be rushing to catch up with DC-based friends (some of whom are undoubtedly thinking "you haven't called me, inconsiderate blogger. to them, I say, you're probably a Dem, in which case, I expect you to be in WV sometime in the coming month).

For now, I'm going to use my remaining wifi time to catch up on the news. Keep checking back - the interesting events are just getting started, I'm sure.

Who's ready for some debatin' fun!

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