Saturday, September 11, 2004

Three Years Later

Everyone has their story for today. Most channels are running their 9/11 themed programs. And everyone tells their "what I was doing when" stories.

I've put my story in the comments section, below. And you're welcome to add your story as well. I knew no one who died that day. I wasn't in New York, nor in DC. I wasn't supposed to fly anywhere. Wasn't in anyway touched by the attacks, except by virute of my nationality.

Maybe that's why I have a only story to share, instead of an "experience." I think part of the reason the malls in Wichita have their terrorist attack plans in place is because they aren't New York. Because they share pain but not source. Because we all want a piece of that pain - the tragedy felt by many people whose lives changed that day because a loved one died.

We're a country of narratives - American Dreams stored in American fables. Tall tales and short stories. What's yours?

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