Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Quick Analysis

To be followed by a more thoughtful post than the clips I've tossed up over the last hour+.

First, however, I need a drink.

It was a good speech. A homerun, I'd say. Unfortunately. Not that I didn't violently disagree with much of it. Not that it wasn't filed with lies and almost-lies and repeats of long debunked charges and more reasons for the world to hate us. But to the party faithful or the party uncertain - it was great. He teared upfor pete's sake. It had all the rhetorical markers of a superstar performance. The right amount of repitition, strong diction, carefully laced together themes and thematic pointers. What two words are in my mind? Secure and hope. That's what they wanted. "A Safe World, A More Hopeful America," as the backdrop now says. (And I'm watching on C-SPAN, so no punditry for me yet.)

And their balloons are a go.

Dear Senator Kerry: Please, please lace up those gloves and come out swinging. No more nice. No more smiley man. No more caution. No more measured delivery. Get passionate. Your party and your country needs you to cut the crap and get to it. We know we forced you to play the crap for awhile. We're sorry. Please kick some ass. Now.

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