Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Meet The Phoblog Family's Newest Member

Isn't she pretty?

Readers - meet my Sony VGN-S150. Yes, as guilty as I feel for ditching the machine that's brought you most of the fine content you've been enjoying, this new machine is shiny and pretty and small and fast and brand spanking new. I'm still getting used to it - the keyboard is a touch different (I'm missing my dedicated "page up," "page down," "end" and "home" keys) and the screen resolution isn't quite as good as the old one (though this xbrite is x-cellent - and, frankly, the larger resolution is probably much healthier for the eyes). The battery life is practially endless compared to the old one and this thing is so light it's ridiculous - at about 4 pounds I can easily life it with one hand without fearing a snapped wrist. And - the wireless card is built in.

This may be love . . . And if it doesn't crash multiple times a day and corrupt my documents, well . . . . I'm one happy blogger tonight.

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