Monday, September 13, 2004

Just 47 Minutes Until . . . .

You can break out those AKs you've been hiding all these years. Hooray! No more assault weapon ban!

Finally kids will understand why Ice Cube gotta say it was a good day.


The Daily Show addresses the memos. Word of the day - helveticologists.

Two questions posed in support of Bush through these trying times:

"What difference does it make how well he avoided combat?"

"In these difficult times, do you really want a President who wasn't smart enough to get out of Vietnam?"

Well, good point I, uh, guess . . . .

They also awarded Robert Novak a congressional medal of - well - something unflattering - showing a clip of his completely unhypocritical demand for Rather/CBS to reveal the source of the memos. Riiiiight.

Somewhere, a kettle is boiling in righteous indignation at such name calling.

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