Thursday, September 16, 2004

Headline Trends I'd Like to See Bucked

Dems ask: Where's Edwards? / Party insiders worry telegenic candidate is being held back

What's wrong with that headline?

Like so many others in the past few weeks, it focuses on the Dem ticket's troubles - as highlighted by Dems.

I've been guilty of the same thing, I know - picking at what I want Kerry to do better, what I think he should be doing, etc. I can't say I'll stop expressing frustration - but I think it may be time to admit that I'm - we're - being used by the other side. We're so scared - we've been scared since 9/12/01 - since we started voting for bad laws and bad wars, and since we lost the ability to admit mistakes and ask forgiveness.

So headlines like these aren't likely to stop until we turn around and starting beating on them like they've been beating on us. Enough is enough. Hit back, hit back already! No more self-abuse. Let's find a message and stick to it.

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