Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Good News in AD 30

In probably the tightest seat in the state, Democrats have been making registration gains despite a run of Republican growth, reports the Fresno Bee. And challenger Gardner's troubles continue:

In the 30th Assembly, which runs from Fresno to Kern counties, both parties gained registrations, but Democrats gained more -- 3,154 vs. 2,484.

It is now 47.5% Democratic and 39.8% Republican.

This heated race features Democratic incumbent Nicole Parra against Republican Dean Gardner in a rematch from 2002 . . . .

Speaking of Gardner, some Fresno Republicans want him to lose this fall, even if it means handing Parra a second Assembly term.

Party activist Tal Cloud is one.

"I think he's the wrong candidate," Cloud says, pointing to information made public last week that Gardner has gone by seven different names and has declared bankruptcy six times.

Cloud is no fan of Parra's, but he questions Gardner's ability to be a good legislator. If Gardner comes close to beating Parra, as he did in 2002, Cloud says he may want to run again in 2006, scaring off qualified Republicans.

He's telling local Republicans to stop giving Gardner money.
Aside from the Karnette race in the 54th, this is the most loseable seat for Dems - there are other true contests, but none as every-vote-counts-y than these two.

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