Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bloggers v. Mainstream, Round 2

Phoblog convention blogger Jim Pinkerton, bucking for a new title as patron saint of bloggers, fires another round across Mainstream's bow in the wake of the Rather memo mess:

The two key concepts in this never-ending techno-saga are the increasing ubiquity of Internet-based technology and the decreasing barriers to entry into a public forum. That is, anybody with a computer and a modem can be a blogger, and any blogger can be a media-player.
When the handwriting is on the wall, you can go one of two ways. Rush to embrace what's next, as Pinkerton is doing, or freak out and minimize the newbies. Sometimes those choosing the latter are successful - but usually the ones opting for the former live longer and richer too.

Because they'll be the fist on-hand to erect new entry blockades. Bloggers are doing it already . . .

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