Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Audience Is Listening

A study has proven that, despite Bill O'Reilly's joking about "stoned slacker" viewers, Daily Show viewers are more educated than O'Reilly Factor viewers.

The Nielsen Media Research study concluded that TDS viewers are more likely to have completed 4 years of college (the retort to which must surely be - sure, they've completed 4, but they're on the 6 year plan. yuk yuk yuk). TDS watchers are also more likely to answer political questions correctly.

Frankly, even without statistical analysis, I'd think Stewarts's guest list offers clues about audience demographics. Those high profile folks are appearing because they think either no one is watching, or - more likely - they know that everyone (including other high profile types) are.

We've been saying this for ages, of course. But we're still glad to see everyone catching up . . . .

I can only assume that, somewhere, Craig Kilborn is weeping.

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