Wednesday, August 18, 2004


So, I almost went to bed - after all, I have an early class - the first of the year at that - but no, I thought, why not watch the end. I'm sure Paul Hamm is going to lose. But I'm a sucker for American sportscaster pathos - so I watch. Could I have logged on to any one of 1000s of websites to see what happened. Sure.

But the point in is in real [okay, NBC edited] time, I got to watch Paul Hamm, half of the freakish tumblin' twins from Wisconsin, win the first-ever Mens American all-around gold medal.

By .012 of a point. Add that to today's Women's 4x200 freestyle ass-kicker (and yesterday's male-version of the same, but closer) - and you get one, slightly teary blogger.

I don't like it when they reach to find SOMETHING to make an obvious American win less obvious, but when a little guy in a unitard goes from 12th to 1st in just a few seconds - well, shoot. And the olive leaves and the "oh say can you see." Okay, you got me. By .012.

[Ed. note - best place I've ever watched Olympics: last night on the plane coming heading home. jetBlue with their direct TV enabled about half or more of the people to watch coverage. I feel sorry for whatever poor dude wasn't watching when the majority of passengers cried out in sympathetic pain at a gymast falling off the bar - must've scared the crap out of him. Collective cheers for the swim wins, etc. Was a nice bonding moment. Pretty good - for an airplane.]

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