Thursday, August 12, 2004

To Curb a Mocking Bush

Bush is beating Kerry up fairly well this week, so it seems, over the war vote issue. It's creative - Bush is putting his failures on Kerry to explain via his vote, as the article describes. It illustrates Kerry's carefully balanced position - self-imposed difficulty if you ask me. Kerry needs to tell Bush to cut the crap, and then he needs to cut it himself. Of course the vote and all of the rhetoric at that time was incredibly nuanced - though it's now portrayed as a blunt-force issue traumatizing the Dem's campaign. I'd hope Americans wouldn't accept "but you voted for it" as an excuse for the travesity that is the current Iraq situation. Blame could easily be shared by many in Washington, but that doesn't excuse the Commander-in-Chief. We shouldn't let him win this argument too.

On a related note - it's been curious this week that Kerry has been appearing in almost every city through which we've traveled. Maybe I should try to get on his advance team. Or maybe he's following us . . . . okay, yeah, probably not. I do, however, display my Kerry/Edwards pin on my bag in every state through which we pass. Especially the swinging ones.

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