Thursday, August 19, 2004

Swinging Singles

I can't put my finger on the exact reason why stories like this bother me so much. It's another run down of this year's soccer mom demo - the mythical single young woman, she's never voted before, but somehow, reproductive rights or war or something should spur her on like nothing before.

Yes, yes, we're polarized, yeah, yeah, it's all about the swing voters. But these kinds of strategies seem to encourage the problem, don't you think. Giving yet another carefully defined subset a reason to go "yeah, what about me? Why isn't my vote being courted. What have you done for me lately?"

This single girl will vote. And I hope I can convince other single gals to vote without having to focus on reproductive rights to prove my point. I'm kind of concerned that Bush's actions are endangering my uterus to begin with. I won't even have the chance to face an unplanned pregnancy if he continues to mismanage this country's response to terrorism and trash our reputation in the world. So don't pander to me or my friends and let us continue to navel gaze. Don't get me wrong - I want the law the hell away from this topic. But if we're going to encourage women to plug in - let's aim for breadth as well, shall we?

We, Dems and Americans, laud JFK daily. We build him libraries, we put plaques on his birthplace, on the pew in the church where he and Jackie got hitched (just saw it, incidentally). But we have long abandoned asking not and only ever ask what our country, our party, our leader can do for us. Not we the people. Me, the person.

The polarization and razor thin margins are proof that consultants have done their job. We're so busy waiting for the wooing to start that we'll sit by until something massively bad happens - and even then, we won't change.

Sad, isn't it?

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