Monday, August 02, 2004

Presidenting is Hard!

This is, hands-down, the absolute best political advertisement I've ever seen.

Thank you, Will Ferrell. I may not have appreciated you adequately in the past - but I bow to your funny, sir. I knew I loved you in "Palm Beach" - the 2000 SNL sketch from which the title of this post comes.

Ferrell as Bush warns of "certain liberal aggitators" like "Howard Stern, RIchard Clarke, and the news."

And, during one "take," he says, "Oh, you caught me mending my fences, one of the many things I do here on the range."

10 points to the first person correctly naming the video game he's playing based on the music.

Watch this video - and take the last few moments of the day to contemplate humor and politics, again.

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