Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Phoblog Horn Tooting

Phoblographer* made news on Around the Capitol.com today:

Best Blog : Calraces.com by Matt Rexroad, Tom Ross, Anthony York and Syrus Devers
Runners Up: Phoblographer.com by Christiana Dominguez & California Insider, by Dan Weintraub

Full disclosure: I was one of the Award voters in all categories, though "blog" wasn't one of them. I did joking suggest a "best blog written by a former fellow" category, however.

So, thanks Around the Capitol.com!

(Of course, on the off-chance this drives some new readers to the site, it makes me a little nervous, considering the slow rate of posting over the past week or so. It's like watching a car of unexpected guests pull up in the drive and glancing around the house to find it unvacuumed. Accordingly, I urge those new to blogs, and this blog in particular, to note the August blog vacation tradition. Yes, I'm calling it a tradition. If L.A. Observed takes off, I think Phoblog can slow it up a bit as well).

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