Monday, August 30, 2004

Meet the Reeps

While coverage won't be as extensive this time out, I have wrangled the following guest bloggers to cover the RNC in NYC.

I believe you've already met Jim Pinkerton of Newsday, FOX News, and Phoblog's own DNC Convention Coverage.

We've also tapped fellow CMC and Rose Institute alum Chris Hutchison to join the fun. Chris currently hails from Capitol Hill, though his heart is forever in St. Louis. He's a staffer for a Republican House member and has a background in redistricting policy and survey research. He reports he'll be proudly displaying his Cardinals hat at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night and he expects to make it to the floor this year to make up for his exclusion in Philly 4 years ago (where he was relegated to "mooching beers from the fine folks in the hospitality tent").

We hope to have our first reports sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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