Wednesday, August 11, 2004

God Bless T-Mobile Hotspots

Greetings All! I'm writing from a Starbucks in Independence, Mo. this morning. Birthplace of Harry S Truman. Or Harry S. Truman, according to the sign. In his own hometown. Oh well.

We've covered a lot of the country so far, yet each time I look at the map - whew - so far left to go. The most pleasant surprise so far has been this nation's beauty. I know the stereotypes, sure - but I didn't know I'd find the Arizona mountains so tree-filled, the New Mexican desert so lovely, or the rolling Kansas prairie so zen-like with its expansive green and blue.

I catch only snippets of news - which bothered me no end for the first few days - a blogger without the internet is an unhappy girl indeed. But yesterday and today, I sort of gave up on it and took what I could get via papers and the quick few minutes of MSNBC I caught in the Wichita Airport HoJo (yeah, Phoblog does it in style) yesterday morning.

Rain in Independence last night made the fireflies I'd been waiting for 4 states to see scarce. There were a few - I guess that will have to be enough.

We've got a long time on the road today - to Chicago - and then in the days following, we'll take this show international as we head to Vermont via Toronto and other Canadian points of interest.

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