Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Found Humor

This post is a bit of an indulgence - it doesn't focus on politics, policy, national or state news. Its subject? UC Hastings College of the Law.

Seems they have a new website now. If you let your mouse linger on two of the front page photos, the following title tags pop-up:

Over an image of a student and judge conversing: "Perfect Location."

Over an image of one of the two buildings comprising the campus: "Peerless Facilities."

Um, insofar as the school is located close to the courts, yeah, it's a great location. Except for that part about it being the Tenderloin.

And "Peerless Facilities?" Yes, they are certainly in a class by themselves . . . . .

A visit to the rest of the photo gallery shows just how much creative photography can skew general perception of a place. Note how nearly all the exterior shots of the "campus" are angled upward. If you've walked down McAllister Street, you know why. Several photos appear multiple times. And the gallery rightly touts the stunning views of the Sky Room - a 26th floor perch with 360-degrees of San Francisco on which to gaze . . . which is open from about 12 noon to 5pm daily. And never on weekends. Enjoy!

U.C. Hastings - The Red-Headed Stepchild Of California's World Class University.

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