Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Field Report 1: Hutch Scopes The Nightlife; Misses La Rouchies

Where have all the protestors gone?

That's the question I've been asking. If you're watching the convention coverage on TV, you'd think New York was swamped with unwashed masses protesting everything from abortion to Iraq to their misfortune for not being born in a more protest-chic era. However, I have yet to spot (or smell) a single protester. They do exist, of course. And Holly Hunter did heckle one of my coworkers. But no sign of the crazed LaRouche/IMF/hemp posse so far. And yes, I have indeed walked away from the Garden and outside the barricades.

Last night was fun. Caught a bit of McCain's speech, including the Michael Moore line - which just killed in that audience. Missed everything else because I went to get dinner with the aforementioned coworker. Went to PJ Clark's on 3rd Avenue, which I highly recommend. Not too pricey, can cook a medium rare burger correctly, great atmosphere, and great service. Scored a VIP ticket to the GA party at Roseland Ballroom featuring Martina McBride. Concert and venue were great and food and drinks were free, naturally. Incidentally, Roseland is where the Bush twins held their party on Sunday
night. VIP pass afforded me access to the 2nd floor, better views, and a better bar. Then I crashed.

Yes, I did just spend far more time discussing everything BUT the convention - but that's why we're really here right?

On tap for today - state delegation breakfast with rah rah speeches from BC04 surrogates, community service project, party with Clint Black, and then the Yankees game. And maybe the Governator's event if I can score a ticket.

-- Chris Hutchison

[Ed. Note - Sadly, Phoblog missed McCain's speech, including the "Michael Moore line." Why? Because I was phoning for friend and fellow CMCer Sean Elsbernd. Of note, perhaps: SF is such a politically active city that many of the people I called, presumably Dems, said they couldn't talk because they were watching McCain's speech. I was jealous.]

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