Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fairly Imbalanced

Josh Marshall has become quite used to taking to task CNN for it's "continuing decline." He catches some great examples, the one below provided to him via one of his readers:

O'BRIEN: All right, we are listening to Max Cleland, former senator from Georgia and former Lieutenant Jim Rassmann, a former Green Beret whose life was saved by John Kerry in the Mekong Delta in 1969. Although, that is a point of dispute, given what has all transpired here with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
I've seen it said in many places now that in an effort to be balanced or "objective," journalism as a profession seems to have gone overboard to find a con to match every pro, or, as in this case, give unnecessary weight to allegations contrary to initial conventional wisdom. Sometimes, however, it may be possible that there is one truth, or one closer-truth, that needs no contrary answer.

I, and it seems, Josh, seem to have missed the landmark news story, event, or case that bestowed upon political ads a presumption of truth. I'd always thought things ran the other way. Of course, I guess that's what's led us into this mirrored hall of a campaign. Truth accosted as lies, lies presumed truth, the real truth uninteresting to all since it lies hazily in between. Where does that leave the voters? Confused.

More importantly, where might that leave the future of American people and the American idea? Sunk.

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