Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bush Reinvents a Broken Wheel

As Josh Marshall admirably outlines the idiocies of Bush's "embracing" of the Commission recommendations.

As a side note, before I quote and comment on Josh's material - because of a Bay Area peculiarity, there is no local NBC station. This means that to get NBC, and the Today Show, you must have cable (have fun watching the Olympics, uncabled of the city). Accordingly, in my cable-less room, I get only one major network: ABC. This means to catch the traffic/weather/headlines, I'm forced to watch the abomination that is "Good Morning America." There was some administration official on TV this morning who, aside from spewing ungodly amounts of "Bush is Godlike in his command of issues and handling of the country," also mentioned that this new Czar - or whatever you'd like to call him or her - will oversee the 15 - FIFTEEN - intelligence agencies and operations in the US. Uh, guys, I think I just spotted the problem . . . .

At any rate - in the grand tradition of the "Clear Skies" naming of things, Bush's actions yesterday are another example of touting the "thing which is not."

Bush's actual proposal runs counter to the Commissions suggestions by creating an officer with the same handicaps as the Director of Central Intelligence: a lack of purse control; inability to fire or hire senior management; and an inability to set standards for information infrastructure and personnel.

Swell, I feel safer already, don't you.

As Kerry said in his speech - saying something is so does not make it so. Changing the name of the supposedly in-charge guy, but not overhauling the very structural failures leading to his appointment in the first place does no good. It will likely do more harm.

Are these inaccuracies in Bush's plan as described and plan as written being covered by the media? Not according to Josh. And that, of course, remains our biggest problem.

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