Sunday, August 29, 2004

Best. Signs. EVAH

In honor of next week's festivities:

A great link sent in by a reader, here's a collection of Bush/Cheney signs generated by the now defunct Sloganator.

Some highlights:
  • So Conservative It Makes Your Head Hurt
  • Subverting Democracy One Election at a Time
  • We can detain you, you know
  • We lied about WMD
  • We Cuddle Firemen
  • Steady Horsemen for the Apocolypse

Sadly, my least favorite blogger is associated with the project. But I respect good comedy enough to look beyond that. Enjoy. And you know what, if you want, go ahead and come up with your own in the Comments box (My Reep readers can go for Kerry - but make it good. Bonus if you can avoid Swift Boat unfunnies).

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