Saturday, August 28, 2004

At Least 3 More Unspecial Interests

This rundown of the Legislative session includes a fun nugget on the our Gov's travel this week:

His trip to the Republican National Convention in New York City this week will cost about $350,000 and is being underwritten by major companies such as SBC and Time Warner. Included on the list of donors are Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories and Amgen, three representatives of the pharmaceutical industry that have battled the prescription drug bills that now await Schwarzenegger's decision.
I'm just SO glad the people of California tossed a lifetime public service in favor of someone who won't yeild to or cut deals with the drug industry, the telecom industry, Indian tribes . . . oh forget it. I'm too tired for sarcasm. A cynic would say he's just as bad as the rest of 'em. I'm not a cynic, but he's at least as bad as recall advocates said Davis was.

At any rate - read the rest of the article for a rundown of legislation now moving through the horseshoe.

And if anyone can explain to my why Schwarzenegger would rush to introduce a solar energy initiative to a hostile legislature - a cloudily constructed measure at that - that'd be great. Why invite a defeat? Stay tuned for more on this solar issue as well - the Legislature had several chances to set the groundwork for an energy policy that could help save (excuse me while I dream big) the nation.

A Non-political, Non-policy Aside: Go see Garden State. Zach Braff is very, very talented. For that matter, if you aren't watching "Scrubs", you should start. A good comedy is hard to find. You know, outside of the nightly news and most presidential press releases.

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