Friday, July 09, 2004

Who's the Twit?

My first year civpro professor used to say that law was about identifying the twit - and then making him pay.

This morning's SF Chron has a nice little investigation of Nader's coffers - seems that GOP donors are funding him. Must be because they too feel a need to protect the environment and end corporate greed and malfeasance in America.

Or maybe not.

The way I see it - there's at least 3 twits in this story:

Twit 1: Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader loves himself, but doesn't seem to care much for America. Now, now, I haven't lost my idealism - I voted for Dean - but this guy doesn't get it. He didn't get it before and he doesn't get it now. Free from the Green Party that raised him, Nader is still trying to pick up support from any party he can, so long as they aren't Ds or Rs. He wanted the Green's endorsement - but they wisely chose someone who actually champions their party line willingly. And they realize what will come of 4 more years of Bush. Nader's still not on any state ballot - thank God - and we can only pray it stays that way. From the way he's running this campaign, he clearly has no sense of reason. Many people may not be in love with John Kerry. I can't believe I have to vote for someone who voted for the war. But at least I'm not voting for someone who started the war and lied to America. If you vote for Nader, you will, because mathematically - you're just voting for Bush.

Twit 2: Peter Camejo.

Camejo actually didn't sound like a crackpot during the recall debates. I would never vote for him - but I don't think he's quite as awful as Nader. Okay - until he agreed to be his running mate, I didn't. Now, this Green is running with a non-Green - someone who has rejected the Greens. But Camejo's twitishness, besides helping to screw over someone who'd better represent his views than Bush ever could, comes from his statements in the article that Bush money should be returned.

I'd say keep it.

Why? Why keep this tainted money? Well, I don't want these guys getting any help at all, but why not keep it? You know why they're giving it to you (because you're going to lose and help take down Kerry in the process, you selfish, selfish men) - and you think you have a "point" and a "message" and you're somehow valuable - so keep the damn money.

Normally, there's the fear that you'll be beholden to the donor or his/her interests. Does anyone think Nader/Camejo, in office, would cow to Reeps needs? Didn't think so. I'm a firm believer in the "eat his food, take his money, vote for the other guy" school of campaign finance. This is why I'd probably only ever have one term anywhere. Sure, Philip Morris, NRA, satan, whomever else, go ahead and write me a check. I won't help you later, but you're free to spend cash where you'd like. You won't give to me later? Okay - I probably didn't ask the first time.

It's like charities returning money raised by North Beach strip clubs. Don't be a moron. Take the cash. Unless it came from raping and murdering grandmothers - take it, spend it, and laugh at them all the way.

The article also mentions GOP money that has gone to Kerry. Read this gem of logic from Nader's spokesman on that:

Asked about the money from GOP backers, Nader campaign spokesman Kevin Zeese countered that many of Kerry's donors also had given to Republicans, including Bush in the past.

"(Kerry) should renounce those donations and give them all back,'' he said. Pressed if Nader would do the same, Zeese said that wouldn't even be discussed "until (the parties) start to change the rules.''

Welcome to the third grade, America.

Twit 3: Potential Nader Voters.

WAKE UP. First off - a disclaimer - I voted for Dean. I like competitive elections (just ask anyone in CYD). I think the Democratic Party has its fair share of problems. I have big issues with the way my side has handled things post-9/11. I'd get rid of a bunch of incumbants. I have no problem standing up to leadership. And I am, by no means, flying solo on this one.


Bush is worse. He's just worse. He's a liar. His lies have killed many Americans, put the rest of us in danger, and led to our country being hated by many other countries. He doesn't care about the evironment. He doesn't really care about working men and women. He doesn't really care about women generally. He cares that God spoke to him and told him to invade Iraq. God has chosen him to do what he does. He doesn't care about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the integrity of the legal or political systems, you, your family, your dog, or your future. He cares only about his. And his money. And his votes. He has lied to you before and will keep lying to you as long as you elect him. Which you will - if you don't vote against him. A vote for Nader is not a vote against George Bush. The Republicans are laughing at you. You are a pawn, would-be-Nader-voter. You want to change the world - come join my Party and help me change it.

Don't give us four more years of lies, death, destruction, suffering, and George W. Bush.

Who's the twit?

Make sure it isn't you.

Update: But wait, there's more!

Michigan Republicans gather names for Nader:

Greg McNeilly of the state Republican Party said the GOP is doing nothing wrong and hopes Nader will draw votes from the Democratic candidate. Republicans will make sure Nader has more than the 30,000 valid signatures he needs by July 15 to qualify for the Michigan ballot, McNeilly said.

"Unlike the Democratic Party, where 'D' stands for disenfranchisement, we want voters to have choices," he said.

Of course you do. You're the 31 Flavors Party.

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