Tuesday, July 27, 2004

That D@$%&* B Word Again

Bloggers keeping up with events at the convention. (Don Bartletti / LAT)

When there's no news to cover, cover the coverage (apologies to stealing the News Watch tag line) - and this year - the coverage is about bloggers. They're good, they're bad, they're not being the good source of unfettered journalism we'd hoped for, they're a breath of fresh air, they're goofy, they're a fad, they're there.

The LA Times site has a rundown of political bloggers by category. Also, a feature called Convention Blog Watch that's a synopsis of both substantive coverage and the pace of blog coverage (ie, "All quiet on the blogfront: Bill's talking - The longest lull of the day occurred after bloggers lauded Al Gore's speech.") - how's that for minutia?

MSNBC's Hardblogger: Unconventional convention coverage has a list of all the DNC-credentialed blogs.

Of course, MSNBC's use of "unconventional" to describe bloggers may already be dated. With everyone and her brother blogging this covention - take us, for example), blogging is already a tired buzz word. And for the really bitter take on bloggers and their role in modern media, check out this L.A. Observed post and the comments fest that follows.

Seems there's a lot of anger from some parts of the 'sphere about bloggers not doing what they should be doing (whatever that was to begin with). To the nay-sayers, I say what I say to the crabby posters flamming content on SF.Metroblogging - don't read it. You aren't paying for it, it's not invading you house, it's not accidently on TV at a hair salon, in fact, this is the absolutely least intrusive form of media I can think of (even newspapers can accidently end up on your lawn, or purposefully as part of a promotional effort).

We're mad when people don't engage in the public forum - then we're made when they do. I say, blog on . . . .

Update: From the LAT Convention Blog Watch - some links to blog-bots - they surf for you and give you a one screen run down of everything you didn't know you wanted to keep up on:

In addition to Technorati: Top 100 and Truth Laid Bear's Traffic logs, there's a third surfbot to help users surf political blogs. CNN and Technorati have partnered to deliver Blog Watch . This bot is fast, has a powerful search and segments blogs into three groups: liberal, conservative and blogs being written from the convention.

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