Sunday, July 11, 2004

Stupid, Dirty . . . .


L.A. Observed points us to this LA Times article following up on Asm. Dymally's putting the kibosh on an event condemning Riordan.

The article has Dymally blaming one of his staffers - by name! - and saying that he's suspended through July. I'm pleased to see the staffer in question is not one of my fellow former Fellows (two of whom at one time worked in his office). That's class, folks. I know there are some headstrong staffers out there - staffers with a member-complex - but hanging your kid out there to dry is just weak. Dymally is 78 years old and on his 2d run through state government. I doubt he's got aspirations to - or a serious shot at - run for a higher office - so better he take his lumbs and go on with life.

'Course, if the staffer did run with something sans-approval, then he deserves what he gets. But this could legitimately go either way - and I hope he did deserve it, because you don't get many good jobs with that kind of name recognition.

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