Thursday, July 15, 2004

She Speaks

Following up from yesterday's 'outrage' over the exclusion of Hillary Clinton from the speaking list, the DNC planners have a change of heart. The New York Senator will now introduce her husband.

The article also quotes Maryland Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski criticizing the convention planners slow release of convention speakers. And it makes sense. Why put out in several news cycles what you can dump at once. Right?

She says releasing a few names at a time "minimizes the importance of some speakers." I would think, however, that giving the complete list would maximize a few headliners and deny the others any ink at all. Normally, convention speakers are chosen for a combination of reasons, including their ability to draw an audience and their need for a bump in their own media markets. Obama needs the good press hits. Hillary will take more of the attention - as she's doing now.

Mikulski's rep says "By doing it as the One-A-Day vitamin strategy, they missed the picture that they have a whole shop of vitamins."

A whole shop of vitamins just sits there. One-A-Day does something, hopefully for the health of the party . . . .

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