Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Send a CYD kid to Bean Town

Dear Readers: I don't usually solicit much on this site besides your undying love, affection, and readership. But today, I noticed a link on the side of TPM that led to this 'DCCC Majority Makers' contest. I noted the 6th place name as familiar, and sure enough, it's one of CYD's high school leaders. Then, into my inbox floated his plea for help on the CYD listserv. He doesn't mention the contest in his pitch - but it's real and winnable. If I had time, energy, and a batch of willing donors out there that I thought could kick me to the top of the list I'd enter myself (maybe they are out there, but I, alas, must fulfill my work obligations). So if you are a donating type of person, go help this high-school student (whom I've met and whom I can vouch for being quite enthusiastic) show them grown-up types how it's done.

Good luck, Jonathan:

Join the DCCC, "Majority Makers," or help me out instead.
Jonathan Padilla- BCPYD

Please join the Campaign for a New Democratic Majority

Dear Friends and fellow Americans,

My name is Jonathan Padilla. I will be a sophomore this fall at
Bellarmine College Preparatory. One of the ideals that we hold dear
at Bellarmine is the concept of being, "Men for Others!" We strive
to do good deeds in the community and work tirelessly to bring
attention to worthy causes. And so I ask that you give your
attention to our Nation. Our nation is not on the right path and
action is needed.

Please join me in supporting the Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee and their Campaign for a new Democratic
Majority. The Republicans have held the house for too long. With
our help, the DCCC will lead the fight to take back the House for
the Democrats. Please join the campaign and contribute or sign up
for e-mail updates by going to:


For too long, has our great country been the victim of
extremist right wing politics. For too long, have justice and our
civil liberties been forgotten and trampled. Lastly, something is
wrong in America, when doing what is right is secondary to doing
what is profitable. But we can change that. Join me and take action.
Join me and let us, together, fight for justice and the principles
of the Democratic Party!

I have set a goal to raise $2500 for the DCCC and to get 2500
people to sign up. Please help.

Here is what your donation can do:

$25 pays for 25 lawn signs that increase candidate visibility.
$50 funds 100 direct mail messages to potential voters.
$100 enables us to telephone 1000 voters with a Get-Out-The-Vote
$500 buys a radio ad every 30 minutes in a workday in Augusta, GA.
$1,000 finances a TV commercial every day for a week in Des Moines,

Thank you for all your support,

Jonathan M. Padilla
President, Bellarmine College Preparatory Young Democrats
Liaison for High Schools, California College Democrats


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