Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Rosenthal Report

Alix Rosenthal checks in from Boston, saying:

I haven't had a hard time finding free food, but I've also been very lucky to have been able to talk my way into nice parties with food. As for security, it is really really tight at the Fleet Center. Between the cab and the floor, no fewer than a dozen people checked my credentials, several of whom handled them to make sure the hologram was legit. It was crazy. It's pretty effective, though, from what i can tell.

The 'free speech zone' is abhorrent. It is essentially a huge cage, where all protesters are confined. I would expect this of the repubs, but US??

[Ed note: There was a "free speech zone" in Los Angeles as well - so it's not a new concept. And for as much as the conventions are getting covered anyway, I don't think it really matters . . . .]

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