Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Of Road Trips and One-Sided Resos

In loosely related news items from today's SF Chronicle:

An Israeli Jew, a Jordanian Muslim, and a WASP walk into a bar . . . guess who the DD is?

These three unlikely companions are taking a Sierra Club sponsored road trip along the West Coast to promote hybrid cars:

But while the Sierra Club-sponsored roadie that stopped Tuesday in San Francisco is ostensibly about hyping hybrid cars to the 18- to 24-year-old demographic, its reality hasn't been a complete joyride through the redwoods.

At least, not when decades of Middle Eastern political history gets thick inside the Toyota Prius.

"He's the mediator," said Ilana Meallem, the 26-year-old Israeli, referring to Brendan Bell, their Sierra Club chaperone and an American Christian.

"And of course, as a typical American mediator," 26-year-old Jordanian Mohammad Taher said dryly, "he always sides with Israel."

Well, you can take the kids out of the Middle East, but . . . .

And in oddly related news -

Israel continues building their wall after the UN passes a reso against it - this follows last week's interntational court decision condemning the wall as illegal.

In a bit of reporting reminiscent of a Daily Show feature the other night on talking points, the article artfully places these two quotes:

But Israel's U.N. Ambassador Dan Gillerman denounced the resolution as "one-sided and counterproductive."

In Washington on Wednesday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the U.N. resolution as "one-sided."

McClellan also further bolsters the GOP view that political questions shouldn't be decided by the courts:*

"We've also made it very clear that we believe the way to resolve the situation in the Middle East is through a political solution," he said.

*you know, unless, like, it's the only way to win an election.

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