Saturday, July 17, 2004

Now Look What You've Done

See, now, what happens when you use the ballot to get your way? That's right, someone is going to use it against you next.

Seems the tribes that didn't stike a deal with Schwarzenegger are going to go ahead and fix things for themselves via Prop. 70 - undoing the deals the Governor struck with 5 tribes last month.


Ain't bastardized direct democracy great?
More details:

Proposition 70 would allow tribes unlimited casinos and whatever games they wanted on their reservations. In exchange, they would pay the state 8.84% of their net revenue, the corporate tax rate in California.
"We have all the support we're going to need to have this campaign go all the way," said Agua Caliente consultant Gene Raper. What the tribes will spend has not been determined, but they "have made major financial commitments," he said.
The tribes' decision to run with Proposition 70 rather than sign on with Schwarzenegger is a rebuke to the governor, and comes as he has faltered in his struggle to forge a budget compromise with legislators.
As the budget languishes, Schwarzenegger is threatening to campaign against Democrats in November. He could find himself spread thin if he must simultaneously battle the wealthy tribes over Proposition 70.

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