Sunday, July 18, 2004

Next He Will 'Jingle All the Way' back to Sacramento

At least he didn't call them stupid, dirty Legislators.
In another example of a disturbing trend from California's chief executive, Schwarzenegger criticizes legislators as 'Girlie Men', while urging voters to "terminate" them at the polls for failing to ENACT HIS VISION.

Oh, jeez, sorry for yelling just then. But, well, come on, California, that's what he's saying. The girlie men (what does that make the women's caucus?) won't approve HIS budget plan, so better oust 'em. Of course, I don't agree with the Governor's budget. I'm glad my member won't support it blindly. He's doing his job as my representative in a fully checked and balanced system of government. (Oh but we aren't balanced, are we. And we really won't be if we go part-time, but nevermind that).

At any rate - the Guv offered this sage advice at the food court at Ontario Mills (ah, college memories . . . .) This is his schtick now? This is what will save our state? Touring malls, Macaroni Grills, and various other suburban eateries bitching about the Legislature while cutting bad/ineffective deals with the very special interests he road into town to ride out?


And begin the countdown now on the "Girlie Men" backlash. I don't even get my feminist panties in a bunch often - but this is just grossly offensive (it's just bad humor, guys).

Update:  The article also noted that the Governor is continuing his speaking tour at a mall in Stockton tomorrow.  Do you know what this means?  A mall tour?  You heard it hear first, California - we have the Tiffany of Governors.
I think we're alone now . . . .
Update II:  Here's the Chron coverage Hanz&Franz inspired remark.

You know, the more I think of it, the more I am bothered by the comment.  Not so much on the basis of its sexism or homophobic undertones, but just because of its sheer stupidity.  It was a schoolyard taunt that speaks to the worst in people.  It's a bully's argument.  The neener-neener school of policy and budget setting.  Save it.  You aren't here to pump us up, Gov.  You're here to serve.  Get with it.

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