Wednesday, July 28, 2004

New Look - Same Great Taste!

Good Morning - welcome to the last full day of our Live From Boston coverage here at Phoblographer*. If you scroll down and see above - you'll find audiopostcards from guest bloggers Rocky Fernandez and Ed Espinoza. Plus, be sure to catch Jim Pinkerton's Tuesday special report, if you haven't yet (that's 100% Phoblog original - if you like his stuff, and you should, catch all his convention coverage at Newsday and his regular columns, too).

Site Status Update

You may notice some changes around here this morning also. We've added some zip to the top of the page, our Phoblographer* title now links back to the main page everytime - so you won't miss a thing - and we've modified some of the post layout.

Also - to those syndicators out there - that's up and running too. We've ditched the less-than-reliable XML feed we had, opting instead for Bloggers feed service.

The comments are still there - the buttons are just more artfully understated. Look for them at the end of the link/author line. They aren't hidden, just give your eyes a moment to adjust. Also, our permalinks display better, too.

Special thanks to Phoblog's web-guy-extraordinaire, Josh Orum from Loud Dog for all of his uncompensated effort on giving you the best looking Phoblographer* possible. Between him and our half-marathon training, we're looking hotter already . . .

Tonight's Festivities

I'll be posting tonight from at least one San Francisco based speech-watching party. Want to watch Kerry accept the nomination in the company of friends yourself? Check out the Kerry website for a guide to parties in your area. I'll be with the SF Democratic Party at the Marriott (4th off Market) for at least part of the evening - bring your $25 and stop by. Free viewing is also avaliable with the San Francisco Young Dems at Temple Bar (Polk at Turk - in the 'loin, take a buddy).

Enjoy the new site. Go give Loud Dog business if you need web services. Watch the speech tonight and post your thoughts here at Phoblographer*. Thanks for reading!

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