Tuesday, July 27, 2004

More on Conventional Unconventional Convention Coverage

Got that?

This is a Wash Post piece on off-beat convention coverage of the non-blog, Jon Stewart variety.

Wonkette's Ana Marie Cox gets covered not for her blog, but for her gig as MTV's convention correspondent. As regular readers know, I'm no Wonkette fan (she snaked a witty name and isn't using it for actually wonking - which is just wrong), but I have to give the devil her do for this line on the consequences of MTV's "no suits" commandment for her convention garb and the resulting converse footwear:

"If terrorists attack, I'll be able to run out of the building," Cox says. "Surviving a terrorist attack is the new black."

(of course, again, this article is just further proof that the meat of the Dem convention just isn't there. Wait, we're Dems, maybe we can't have a meaty meeting out of concern for our vegan and vegetarian delegates . . . )

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