Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Law Screws Up Again

From L.A. Observed, news of Rhonda Miller's libel case getting tossed. Miller filed suit after Schwarzenegger's people circulated a tip that the women who blew a whistle on the groping Gov was really a crack-headed prostitute. As I recall the story, the campaign lackeys made a fortunate discovery that a Rhonda [insert an initial here] Miller was guilty of all those things, but that Rhonda is a completely different person and they KNEW IT.

She filed suit. Court pitches it saying that by holding the press conference in which she told of her history with the candidate, she had placed herself in the public eye - an act upping the standard for proving libel.

Miller will appeal and I hope this gets reversed. Seems a bad policy to me: use your voice to stand up against sexual abuse and open yourself to more abuse at the hands of agents of the original abuser. See how that works? Ridiculous.

'Course, this reminds me how the Governor never made good on his promise to investigate his own prior bad acts. Something about no one thinking they were important anymore. Classy, classy.

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