Monday, July 26, 2004

LA Politics On Location In Boston

LA Weekly's Harold Meyerson is blogging from Boston as well (under the Weekly's clever header, Boston Baked Blogs) - noting, among other issues, how LA Mayoral politics are playing out within the California delegation with current Mayor Jim Hahn and several of his official or soon-to-be-so opponents all attending the festivities.

Of special note - his discussion with Phoblog's own Congresswoman Jane Harman, who's dem-trend-bucking vote a few weeks back helped sink an amendment to the Patriot Act (she was one of only 4 Dems to go against the party. Of the other 3, as Meyerson points out, were 2 targeted conservative Texas Dems who were DeLayed in the recent redrawn lines and one random Washingtonian).

Her reason? Well, prior to this piece, I'd heard that she generally wanted to see a larger-scale scrapping of the Act. To Meyerson, however, she explains that she was concerned over disallowing government monitoring of on-line traffic from libraries - and she thought she could do more later under friendlier conditions, next year, to fix the Act.

Meyerson aptly tags this making perfect the enemy of the good - a phrase to which Howard Dean clung during his NPR aired debate with Nader earlier this month - which didn't slow Harman from taking off for her next event.

Answers like that, of course, aren't going to help Harman realize her dream of a more friendly political environment . . . .

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