Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jesse Ventura - Bad Points, Good Points

Jesse Ventura on the record:

-- On Bush: "I'm a fiscal conservative and he's not. Spending's up 20 percent on his watch.''

-- On Kerry: "Jerry Garcia said that when you're picking the lesser of two evils, you're still picking evil.'' So the ex-governor said he won't vote in this election.

-- On Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I support Arnold -- he's highly intelligent -- but the recall was gross misconduct. All the people who voted for Gray Davis, their votes were cast aside.'' Then he qualified his support for the Governator: "He's doing a good job, if you call bonding and putting it off to the next generation a good job."

-- "Mark my words: You'll see the Republicans try to change the Constitution (for Schwarzenegger) to make it so the President can be born in a foreign country. They want to him to take over after Bush is gone.''

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