Friday, July 23, 2004

Inadvertent Oversight of a Mistaken Misunderstanding

How many negatives have to be stung together to make this seem less like one big covered up uncovered up mess?

Whoops - Bush's payroll records were destroyed. Whoops, whoops - here they are!

Like records released earlier by the White House, these computerized payroll records show no indication Bush drilled with the Alabama unit during July, August and September of 1972. Pay records covering all of 1972, released previously, also indicated no guard service for Bush during those three months.

The records do not give any new information about Bush's National Guard training during 1972, when he transferred to the Alabama National Guard unit so he could work on the U.S. Senate campaign of a family friend. The payroll records do not say definitively whether Bush attended training that summer because they are maintained separately from attendance records.

The newly found records still don't answer all the questions. But I'm sure it's the first in what's sure to be a fun upcoming week of Reep news nipping at the heels of convention news cycles.

It's all downhill from here . . . .

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