Friday, July 23, 2004

I Can Name That Tune In 4 Votes

A trio of pieces on the dangers in choosing a campaign theme song.

The first, linked above, says: "As much as the Democrats will try to look united on other issues, the party is in a dark place when it comes to campaign theme music." Ouch.

The second, delves into the tricky world of Springsteen lyrics, opening with the good point that the Boss has a history of writing songs that seem like a good idea from the title or opening line, but aren't so feel-good when you listen to the words.

Reagan invoked "Born in the USA," once, until:

At some point after that, one of his staffers must have actually listened to "Born in the U.S.A." ("Got in a little hometown jam/ So they put a rifle in my hand/ Sent me off to a foreign land/ To go and kill the yellow man.")Reagan didn't name-drop Springsteen again.

Third, some reader suggestions for the candidates' theme songs. Uh - oh, reader suggestions? You know what that sounds like? Why, yet another comments contest! Submit below, please.

From the Chron offerings, highlights include: For Bush - When You Wish Upon a Star, for being "the theme song from a Disney movie about a puppet who has issues with the truth;" For Nader - Carly Simon's "You're So Vain;" For Kerry - well, there aren't as many fun ones for him.

By the way - the misuse of American music for political, or sales, purposes, is something I've covered before, here and here - both stemming from Kerry's use of Lagnston Hughes's "Let American Be America again."

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