Monday, July 26, 2004

From the field: Security and the WC Situation

An update from Jim Pinkerton:

CD's QUESTION: Jim, can you give us a feeling of the security measures in place around Fleet Center? I've heard reports about long wait times and difficult hoops through which delegates and observers must jump just to get inside. What's the deal?

JP's ANSWER: Nah. I heard horror stories, too, but was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get in, at least at the east entrance. The line was shorter than at National Airport in DC, and the metal-detecting/wanding was a breeze. (Oops, I let the secret out!) There's not much in the way of free food--those bean counters!--but the temptation, in situations such as this, is to eat all the time.

The only real romplaint I have is that the bathrooms for the press tent are outside, a ways away from Tribco workspace, and are merely portajohns. But even then, there's no wait.

[Ed. Note - I'm concerned about this lack of free food. My constituents - the Young Dem set - especially count on the free flow of food to survive, since I'm sure they've spent all available capital on getting there and finding lodging. Plus, conventions are all about grazing. I'll have to get someone on that story . . . . I'd also be concerned with forcing the press into portapotties. If there's touchier group of convention attendees, I don't know who they are.]

Update: Josh Marshall also notes the underwhelming nature of convention security - likening it to LA or Philly 4 years (and one terrorist attack) ago. I was in LA in 2000 and found it quite easy to get into Staples Center despite lacking the proper credentials (or at least, my own credentials) for doing so. And I wasn't the only one, of course. I'd guess the same is true in Boston today and will be true in New York next month. . . .

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